I recently acquired several New Old Stock (NOS) vacuum tubes that have been sitting in an attic for decades and have not seen the light of day until recently. The majority of the tubes are still in the original boxes but the boxes are very fragile and have deteriorated over time.

The "Tubes" section is a list of the tube types. Click on a tube type (example: JAN-CYN-3C24) in the "Tubes" section to open a picture. If you would like to purchase any or all of these, please send an email to the address in the "Purchase" section and I will respond. I would be willing to consider offers for individual pieces or large quantities.

The tubes look new but they have not been tested. I do not have the test equipment to verify that they work or meet the original manufacturer's specifications. Filament continuity will be verified. Please read the information in the "Purchase" section carefully. There may be something here that will fill the void in a collection or restoration project. Thank you for stopping by.


Tube Mfr. Qty. Price (Ea.)
JAN-CYN-3C24 Lewis 1 $20.00
JAN-872A G.E. 22 $25.00
CRP-715B Raytheon 1 $49.50
15E Eimac 0 sold
GL-446A G.E. 9 $12.95
JAN-53A Eimac 0 sold
FB-325A Heintz and Kaufman 0 sold
Rectigon Bulb Westinghouse 1 $50.00
CE-866-A RCA 1 $25.00
VC-50 Vacuum Cap Jennings 1 $83.25
HY40Z Hytron 0 sold
JAN-CNU-832 National Union 1 $25.00
CWL 1B24 Westinghouse 0 sold
HY75 Hytron 2 $24.95
VT129/304 TL Eimac 0 sold
JAN-F123A Fed. Tel. and Radio 2 $195.00
JAN-CRC-808 (non orig. box) RCA 2 $150.00
5CP1 CRT Sylvania 1 $25.00


If you would like to purchase or request additional information please send an email to: ab4ud@netzero.com

The picture you see in the "Tubes" section may not be the one that will be sent.

The tubes look new but the boxes are fragile and in bad shape.

The terms found at Hamfests or Flea Markets apply. These tubes are being sold "as is".

Certified checks, cashiers checks, money orders, PayPal or personal checks will be accepted. The tubes will be shipped after the checks clear or the money orders cashed.

Tubes will be shipped via USPS. I will let the buyer know shipping costs based on size and quantity before money is sent or transferred. The shipping costs and any insurance (buyer's discretion) will be added to the price of the order.

Overseas shipments will be considered on a case by case basis.  The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, duties and taxes.